Tattoo Removal

If you are seeking tattoo removal services in Inverness then we may be able to help.

Fantasia beauty boutique and Medispa offers a tattoo removal consultation service where we can advise those who have had a tattoo but regret it for whatever reason on treatments to remove tattoos in the Highlands.

Our Inverness tattoo removals are carried out by using either:

  • Solution tattoo removal treatment – tattoos are injected with a solution to help break down the ink and reduce the colouration of the tattoo.
  • Laser tattoo removal procedure – a ND:YAG laser is used to break down tattoo ink which is then cleared by the body’s own natural processes.

Unwanted Tattoo Treatment in Inverness

Depending on the location, size and colour of the tattoo to be removed, we may recommend an unwanted tattoo treatment that combines the two proven body art removal methods described above to achieve the best tattoo removal results – this can then be carried out at our Highland Medispa salon or at our partner premises Retro Hair and Beauty in Dundee.

Our Harley Street trained tattoo treatment specialist in Inverness will hold a consultation with you to help you understand what results are achievable with modern tattoo removal techniques, and will be able to advise on the best course of action to minimise the appearance of an unwanted tattoo and treat or camouflage any blemishes or scarring that may be left behind as a result of the original tattooing process.

Safe Treatments to Remove Old Tattoos

If you have unwanted body art or embarrassing tattoos that you would like to get rid of, contact us now to book a tattoo removal consultation in Inverness where you can find out more about how Fantasia can help you regain control of your image and feel comfortable in your own skin.